RWD Job Search Consoles

In keeping with the goal of becoming more device agnostic, Monster has created a new Responsive Layout console for our newspaper partners. This new console design is fully responsive to work across partner site design needs and user device interfaces - ensuring more flexibility for all.

The four breaking sizes are displayed below with detailed download and implementation instructions at the bottom of the page. Please ensure you follow the instructions and integrate your specific co-brand channel alias to ensure all activity is directed to your co-brand.

If you are unsure of your channel alias, or have any other questions, please email or contact your Monster Relationship Manager.


Job Search Console widget 300x520


Job Search Console widget 475x520


Job Search Console widget 640x360


Job Search Console widget 835x165

How To Implement

  1. Please get the code snippet here
  2. The console will adapt to the container size that hosts the console. For example, in the case you would like to use the 300px console, you just need to place this code snippet in a container that has 300px width
  3. At the beginning of the snippet, change the newspaper ID variable (the <NEWSPAPERCHANNELALIAS> is the value directly following the "ch" in your existing Monster cobrand URLs).
    You can also set the default search location and the default radius variables.
    Using Boston Globe as an example:
    var monsNppCh="newsboswo";
    var monsNppDefaultlocation="Boston, MA";
    var monsNppDefaultradius ="50";

  4. IMPORTANT: Insert a URL for the "Print & online" link.
  5. Compare the look of the console on your landing page with this example page, check for possible style interactions between your landing page styles and the console. Update styles if needed.
  6. Test the search form:
    1. All links should point to your co-branded page.
    2. Conduct a couple of searches and then conduct the same search on Your net results should match or be close.